My current thoughts while making sculpture: gender, sex, ancient civilizations, life & death, Jamaica, archaeology, the absence of time when your body is in shock, what’s for dinner.

Artist Statement Attempt #9 of 13; 23 Dec 2014--

"As of this writing I am only 24 years old. I am not going to pretend otherwise. At this point in my life I only know a few things. 1. I am scared of dying. 2. I want to believe we are living in the Matrix—which often makes me feel like the Pinky & the Brain episode where the two mice are controlling a robot from inside the brain with levers. 3. I have been struck by lightning and survived. 4. I have been in a terrible car accident with my mother, broke my spine, and survived. 5. I constantly question friendships—sometimes I care about that and sometimes I don’t. 6. Why the hell are we still dealing with race and gender inequalities? :( And to analyze, cope with, and respond to this accumulation of inconclusive thought, I make these perverse, beautiful-ugly sculptures."


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The internet has changed the way we interact with one another, and therefore in the way we work with one another. Aside from art & writing I also play many virtual roles in the realm of online business.

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